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I read a blog post by a good friend one that has a big heart and is very close to GOD.  Here is the blog post titled “cults just a mouse click away“. I felt as if it was written directly to me. here is why. Lately, I have been watching a youtube channel called A call for an Uprising. It is a channel that exposes a lot of the evils of this world and when I watch his channel it does seem to result in hatred for sin. Anyway, after reading this blog post it may have other results as well. However, it may not just be that channel. I have been very distracted lately and have not spent as much time searching for GOD as I should. I have also been watching many many videos exposing TVC also called The Vigilant Christian. He was exposed recently for sexual scandals against women and some other men may have been involved as well from the videos exposing him have mentioned. I know from what I have seen that TVC did confess to the scandals and abuse of some women. He has said he wants to come clean. He says he is seeking help. However, more of these expose videos came out saying his videos saying he wants to come clean are all a sham and him just seeking money from people. Which according to some he has done many times in the post. People have exposed this pattern going back several years. TVC has also been exposed for teaching new age stuff mixed in with Christian stuff. Maybe to confuse people that is if he is doing it on purpose. I do not know if he is doing it on purpose or not. At this point, I would avoid his channel and maybe some that expose him unless you are lead to learn more about what happened I guess. Anyway. TVC seems a lot like the videos mentioned in the blog post I have linked to. I forgot the channel that was mentioned there so maybe check out the link for your self. Ok, maybe I will go look and add it here, the channel was called FDR. In those videos of FDR, he looks into the camera. I think TVC may do the same but I don’t want to watch any more videos to find out. I do know he is a bit manipulative. He uses strong emotions to get people to do what he wants including donating to him.  Crying is one of the emotions he uses a lot it seems. I am unsure if I am allowed to pray for TVC or not but if I am I pray he does truly repent and stop this cycle.

I have probably said this before but the thing that led to the creation of this site was all the confusion out there on the internet. I wanted to sort through it and share my findings on here. The goal of the site has changed a few times after that but it keeps going back to that. Especially after the things that have been going on as of late. The Torah Observant / Hebrew Roots issue that left me confused and yet I was fighting against it. Those friends that lead me into that have now discontinued all connection with me at least it seems that way. The last time I reached out to them they didn’t respond. I didn’t know them that long only a few months so not sure how big a loose that was. I did gain some other friends out of the whole thing though. Some I met through that group. I am sad and concerned about the people from the Torah Observant Group though. I do not even know what their relationship is with GOD. Anyway, in a way that Torah Observant group could be considered a cult. I know there have been several videos against this group. I even made a playlist which I shared on this blog. Anyway, one of those got attacked and almost got his channel disabled on youtube. I don’t think that was right but it was reinstated. I don’t know who attacked him if it was this group or something else but I thought it was speaking the truth in his video. I am glad it was re-enabled for him.

This is not the only cult either there is a flat earth cult as well saying you have to believe the flat earth to even be saved. This is not right. I am not against those who believe the flat earth but to say you have to believe it to be saved is false.   I know one person who I will not name in this. I am concerned about him because it seems as if he made the flat earth an idol it is all he talks about. He seems to be the leader of this cult and I had to discontinue my friendship with him on facebook because of things he was saying. Also, someone, I didn’t know long to be honest.

There seems to be so much confusion in this world. I know the only truth it seems it Jesus Christ and him Crucified and risen from the dead on the 3 days for my sins. We are justified by him and not our works lest any man boast. It is all him and not us. Of course, there is more truth but it is all based on GOD’s Truth plus Jesus did say he is the truth the light and the way.  So he is the truth. He is also the promise of GOD. He took away the sins of the world. Without putting your faith in him your sin remains.


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  • Fred, thank you so much for the link to my blog post “Cults in Cyberspace: Just a Mouse Click Away” and for your very kind words in the introduction to your article. You really touched my heart! <3

    You are so right about the confusion in this world. It seems to be even on the increase. I am afraid that the internet with its easy access to any kind of information, to social media, to videos, and what have you, has a large share in this world's disorientation and chaos.

    Keep up the good work, Fred! :star:

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