Feeling helpless

At the moment I feel helpless to help those I love. This is not a bad thing but a good thing because without GOD we are helpless but we can do all things through him. I wanted to make that clear as to not take away from the glory of GOD. Anyway, This morning as Church was canceled due to a snowstorm or just a lot of snow I saw that a live church service was going on at a church at least one of my facebook friends goes to. I think she goes to that church. Not actually sure but she has shared things form the site that the church has. Yes yes, I am aware that many of my friends are against going to church and refer to Revelation 18:4. The church I go to when I am not on call for work is not a bad one in my opinion. I may not agree with everything they say but they do try to stay within what the Bible teaches and try and get people to a relationship with GOD. I sometimes feel it is where I should go. To get back to the sermon on this live service that was taking place online and in person at the church. Of course, I was watching it online. In the sermon, they mentioned freemasons and the bad side of it. A testimony of sorts was mentioned where a guy had cancer and to keep this blog message short the cure or the full cure was to leave freemasons. Which he did and was healed. From the sounds of the testimony, this didn’t happen to long ago. Sounded like it was a very recent thing.  I enjoyed the message actually.

I had talked to my mother about what I was watching and showed her my concern with my brother being in the Freemasons. I have actually been concerned for some time on this. I do not know how long my brother has been in the Freemasons. Maybe less then a year but I am not sure. I know sometime in the middle of 2018 I had posted things against the Freemasons. It was an article from Chick publications. At that time my brother didn’t reply to that so I suspect that he became a Freemason after that or ignored that. However, I posted things against freemasons after that and he did reply. In fact, it seems not long after that he became vocal about freemasons and how good they are. I think I only replied once to his messages if I remember correctly.

My concern for my brother grew and I ordered three books that talk about the bad side of Freemasons. 2 have the same name but are 2 different books. The 2 with the same name was Should a Christian be a freemason and the other was The Deadly Deception: Freemasonry Exposed by One of Its Top Leaders Paperback by James D. Shaw (Author), Tom C. McKenney (Author). I had not given him these books yet. I wanted to read them first and see what they actually said. I also felt a bit concerned to show them to him just in case they cause him to be pushed away or to cause some bad tension. Plus I really didn’t know if this is what GOD wanted me to do. Oh, 2 books that have the same name one was from chick publications and seems to be a pretty well-known book is probably one given out a lot from the sounds of it.

I will mention right now what I know about Freemasons but will keep it short. I will mainly be talking about 3 main things I know. The first thing I know is that Freemasons worship satan and not GOD. Most freemasons especially the ones new to the group do not know this. It is not discovered until later. The second thing I know is freemasons deny Jesus in their oath. Again most have no idea they are even doing this. The third thing is they disobey GOD/ Jesus by doing good works to be seen of men. They deliberately do good works in front of others to make themselves look good. They claim they are a group that is dedicated to making men better. Yes, we should do good but not to be seen by men. It should be done in secret or at least in a way that does not try and put you on a pedestal. Plus any good works should shine the light on Jesus, not on us. I know this can be hard to do.

Oh, I want to mention a blog post that can be helpful to you about freemasons. Pact with the Devil

Oh, I may as well link to chick publications as well. chick publications on Freemasons

I forgot to mention I know through prayer GOD can deliver my brother from this so please pray for him if you feel lead to do so. Thank you very much.

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