About me and some history

This is the second time I am creating this site. The first time I created this site was back in 2016 for the same reason I recreated it. I created the site to seek bible truth just like the name of the site. To also share truth that I have found. This is to help me and you have a closer relationship with GOD, this is a journey for me as well as it is for you. I am still learning and I don’t think it is possible to know every thing about GOD or the bible as our brains are limited and GOD is far greater than we are.

Here is a little bit of history about me and my Journey and how I got to this place.


Now were to start maybe start with my teenage years. When I was a teenager my parents had me go through confirmation at a local Methodist church. This was probably my first encounter with GOD. Although I don’t remember  every thing about my teenage years or even before that. I mean I remember some but not all so I am going to try to remember as much as I can for this history lesson on me. I know back then I was seeking GOD for something personal and selfish reasons. I am not going to get into all the details how ever I do know that the personal reason was with wanting to have a new life which I felt only he could give me. Not just changing this life but a whole new life. A whole new body and every thing. Some of my friends know exactly why I wanted this and some people who know me may think of other reason why I would want something like that. regardless it was what I wanted. I didn’t know back then that GOD would not answer such a prayer no matter how much I wanted it. Back then I was very religious and even wanted to be a pastor. I even followed the pastor around for a while. I even helped make the churches web site for a while. Yet I know I didn’t have a personal relationship with GOD or Jesus. As I mentioned it was mostly about the desire I had mentioned earlier.

way to move ahead a bit so this does not end up too long.  I did continue to pay for that new life up until 2014 when so much was going on in my life. So many bad things. Now if you have read my blog which now redirects to this site you will know some of what I am about to say. I think I am going to go into more details however I think or I might just word it different we will see. I could even just copy that post into this. I am going to try just retyping it for now and see how that goes. Any way back in 2014 my grand mother and just passed away, my brother whom was my best friend was so busy with his own life and new girl friend that we didn’t hang out any more. My health was not the greatest. I was feeling very lonely. I had an issue with mice. My stress at work was pretty high. A few other things were going on back then as well. Because of all of this I was about to end my own life. I even had a note written. There were a few reasons I didn’t go through with it. A think I will not go into why I didn’t go through with it I will just say that I didn’t as you can tell.

Now because I didn’t go through with it I went to GOD in prayer. I think he was calling me to come to him. Now this time I didn’t come to him to ask for a new life. I came to him in a different way. I do not remember what I said to him or what I asked for I just know it was not the new life. I think it was just help, I would love to remember what I said but I guess it may or may not matter. After that things changed for me. The health issue or what was causing the health issue was discovered and taken care of. The mice issue was taken care of as 2 cats came into my life. The lonely issue was also fixed by the cats. Also the loneliness was also fixed by new friends that came into my life, friends who liked me for me and I didn’t have to hide parts of my self from them. The loneliness was also fixed later by actually having a personal relationship with GOD. He showed me his love in such an intense way I don’t think I have words for that much love. He delivered me from my porn addiction and his love helped a lot with this. He also used the cats to help me. Basically the cats were naughty when I looked at porn and they were not naughty when I didn’t look at porn. It took me a while to realize this. This also helped me to understand GOD a bit, he was showing me how he felt. Even though I mention all this it was still by his power that GOD delivered me from porn. I know I could not do it on my own. I needed his help. He gave me his help. When he says to pray to over come temptation he means it. Knowing this helped later on in 2015 when I was faced with a massive overwhelming temptation that lasted 3 long month, From June until August. This temptation was so strong that I was in tears praying to GOD asking for help. Before this happened GOD had told me to read the book of JOB as it will help. The book of JOB was shown to me to be a book about facing strong testing so reading it would help me and it did. Also during this 3 months of intense temptation GOD told me 3 times My grace is sufficient for you. It was only by his strength that I was able to make it through that.

I need to expand on a few things that happened between the prayer in 2014 and the massive temptation in 2015. I had forgotten to mention something that happened another change that happened, well maybe not a change but something that helped me get close to GOD or may have been what lead to my second birth if I had not been born again before that. It is possible I was born again as a teen but with what I mentioned above probably not. It is possible that I was born again on the day that I prayed instead of ending my life. How ever it is also possible I was born again after I watched a youtube video series by Kent Hovind called creation seminar which I do recommend even if you do not agree with all of his other teachings or the fact that he divorced and remarried in such a short time. I know people are against him how ever I still like a lot of his teachings and we should not slander others and saying what I said was not to do that but to point out what others have said. That video helped me grow very close to GOD and as mentioned may have been when I was born again. I even started reading the bible after that or actually listening to it. I grew very close to GOD in fact and I was very hungry for answers to my questions. One of the new friends I met helped me a great deal back in 2015. If I remember correctly she gave me a lot of encouragement when I felt discouraged by some of the stuff I had been through like the massive temptation I had mentioned.

I also want to mention Some time after, Although I don’t know how long after I came across a book I found very helpful. It was one of John Bunyan’s book. I felt as if GOD had lead me to this book because he too went through something like what i had gone though with the great temptation that I had mentioned. Yes the friend I mentioned above was helpful and so was John Bunyan’s book. I guess this is why I read or listen to a lot of John Bunyan’s stuff because I feel some not all of his experience and even some not all of what he believes I also believe. I did enjoy his book called Pilgrim’s progress and in that it mentioned the valley of the shadow of death which going by John Bunyan’s other books is like the great temptation that I went through.

Getting back to my history in the beginning of 2016 I started to come across all kinds of teachings I knew nothing about some very concerning and in my attempted to be loyal to GOD I listened to a lot of them. Some of which I was lead back out of like universalism thanks to the lord helping me. I did start to get over whelmed with these different teachings that I came across but I didn’t want to dismiss them just in case they might be true. I wanted to keep an open mind. This however has gotten me into some trouble and confusion that I needed help from GOD to sort out. Which was why I created this site in the first place or at least I think that was the reason I created this site originally back in 2016. I only had one post on it up until I recreate it recently . I do remember why I only had one post though I was thinking of adding things to the site that required some thing that wordpress was not able to do at the time or at least I could not get it to do it.  However I knew of a software that could do what I wanted and I was going to use that however it was still in testing. I wanted to wait until it got out of testing and use it instead of word press. That software did come out of testing yet I had forgotten about this site up until recently when I went on a camping trip back in June of 2017 and in that camping trip I was seeking the Lord among other things that I may have mentioned in one of my videos, I think my first video. What came out of that was that I needed to make 3 videos and put them on you tube. 1 video about GOD’s love, 1 video about respecting GOD and another one about that we can not save out selves. Which if you look at my you tube channel I have done. However it appears now that I need to expand on them and also I did manage to become over whelmed again with many many teachings which brings us to why I opened back up the site. With all the teachings out there it can be very confusing and wrong beliefs can lead to a false understanding of GOD which my effect ones relationship with him. Knowing the truth is important as Jesus/ Yeshua is the Truth the life and the way. With out him there is no life. So it is my goal to sort through all the information I have and share what I know with you. I hope I can stay focused on doing that as I know I can get distracted and may at times focus on something else that is not as important as trying to seek the truth. I need to admit right now I do not know everything and I know I will need the heavenly father’s help with this. Also any correction and help is welcome however I will let you know that I may have to look into what you say just to make sure it is true. I want to be careful what I put on here as I know I will be judged for every word I speak or write. Plus I do not want to lead any one in the wrong direction. Some of the information I put on here may even be for my self as I need to learn as well. It is important to first get saved and then to have a relationship with GOD. This is something we get to do so it a great thing.

I should say right here that I could have put a lot more in the history above and I know some of you know much more about my history then I have included. I may at times edit this history if I feel the need to do so.

Now some info about my self



My name is Fred Thoren and I live in a small town in Iowa and I have 2 cats. I work for a small ISP doing tech support. I am aware that some believer are against having a secular job how ever I have also been told that no matter were I am or were I work I can still work for the Lord. I have also searched as to where GOD wants me to work and it seems like at the moment this is where he needs me. He has not lead me any where else or if he has I may have missed it and if I have I apologize right here and right now. I live a very simple life. I don’t watch tv as I believe that can hurt us and may even lead us away from GOD. There are some good Christian movies out and these are have watched. Like several version of the Pilgrim’s progress and I even found a musical recently of Pilgrim’s progress. I think that just came out not long ago how ever I liked it.  There are several good christian movies on a site called pureflix.com how ever I would still be careful when watching things on there or on any streaming site including youtube, preaching to my self as well as every one else here. I have ran across several bad Christian movies. I remember 2 or was it just one any way it was a movie about jesus that was made not long ago if I remember correctly. It was not very good and had a lot of bad or negative things about Jesus that are simply not true. Like for example Jesus never I repeat never sinned and one of those had him sin as a child and that is not true.  I may have to expand on that in a video or in a post some day if I get time or remember.

This is one of my cats His name is Remy
This is one of my cat his name is Ashes.