I am just a simple man trying to sort through all the information about the bible and about GOD and about Jesus ( whom is the Truth the life and the way). There is an overwhelming amount of information out online and I want to sort through as much as I can to find the truth. I need GOD’s help for this that is for sure, What is good is GOD can and will teach us if we ask him ( See Matthew 23:8).It is not my intention to add any confusion to the info that is already out there. Because of what I have learned I may focus more on just encouraging people for now. I want to encourage people to seek the Lord while there is time.

Because Jesus / Yeshua is the Truth the Life and the Way seeking the truth is in fact seeking him. So to know the truth is to know Jesus at least I hope I can accomplish this goal. Keeping on track of that may or may not be easy. Probably easier said then done.

These are a few of the things I do believe:

I believe in GOD the creator of all. He is also called the Father by believers or even Heavenly Father. He is also called Yahauh or YHWH or Yahweh (Please be respectful when using his name!! ) I know there are a few other names but I will leave it at that for now.

I believe in Jesus who is the son of GOD and we are cleaned of all sins by his extremely valuable blood that was poured out on the cross for the sins of the word. Jesus is also called Yeshua, Yahshua, Yehoshua, Yahusha, and Yahushua. As this is a site about finding truth. It should be mentioned that Jesus is the Truth the Life and the Way.

I believe in the Holy Spirit who is the spirit of the living GOD. He dwells in all believers, he convicts the world of sin, he help believers remember the word of GOD. Also the word says he teaches us as well.

GOD’s word is important to help us know him and even know his way. ( Jesus / Yashua is the way the life and the truth). The bible is a road map sort of speak to understand GOD and to also know if GOD is speaking to us or not because he will not go agaisnt his word.

I believe it is important to have a relationship with Jesus / Yashua and also his father. We do not want to hear on that day “I never new you”. You can know a lot of the bible or even have the whole thing memorized however if you do not have a relationship with Jesus / Yashua you will parish.

I believe homosexuality is a sin and the same with transgender. GOD can deliver some one from this way of life. I know someone personally whom GOD has delivered from being a transgender and at this time for their protection I will not mention who that is however some may know who I am talking about if you know me.

I am not a Calvinist as I believe every one can be saved but not every one will be saved. This also means I do not believe in universalism. I am also not an Arminian, I am just a believer in Jesus Christ.


Also note I do not know every thing and I am still learning. You are welcome to correct me on any thing you feel I am wrong on. I may have to look into your correction though and may even need to pray about it before I change my mind.

Also I do not take donations and I am not on here to make money. If you feel the need to give please give to those around you that need it. Thank you and praise be to GOD.