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I just created a playlist of several videos on youtube that I found helpful in debunking the whole Torah Observant movement that is going around and that I had gotten caught up in.

I do not want anyone else to fall prey to what I fell into. GOD may have allowed this to happen for my own good as well as the good of others as now I can share this info with others.

These videos have helped me a lot in falling too deep into it.  There are some in this movement that goes so far as to reject all of Paul’s teachings. I didn’t do that as GOD used Paul’s teachings to teach me things. Also, not all in the Torah Observant community has done that either, seems to be split on half on that. Anyway, I would stay away from 119 ministries, Philia Ministries, Parable of the vinyard youtube channel and Christian Truthers youtube channel. There may be a few others so if you wish me to add some let me know and I can do that. Also, it seems like a lot of the people in this community quote from 119 ministries so that seems to be the leader ministry from what I see anyway.  From what GOD has taught me we should also pray for the people in this community so they may repent and come out of it. I have lost a few friends over this and some I met only in the community and when I left they didn’t follow so keep them in your prayers if GOD is willing that you pray for them. Remember that it is written that it is GOD’s will that everyone come to repentance.

I know that a lot in this Torah Observant community believe we are saved by grace alone through faith alone. They say they had the Torah to show love toward GOD, they use “King James Version (KJV) John 14: 15 If ye love me, keep my commandments.” Some say you grow into the Torah but as you will see in these videos that teaching is wrong. I have come to realize when we keep the commands of Jesus the commands we keep are directly from his spirit that is in side of us. I seem to forget this a lot and I have also realized that keeping an open mind about theology is not a good idea. I didn’t even realize how bad of an idea until some one rebuked me today about it, just as I was typing this up as well. I know I am some times concerned that I may have my theology wrong so I look for the truth and end up finding error instead and some claim to be truth as well. This is why I get so confused I guess. So take my advice and do not do what I have done.

Also I was told by a friend to check a page out of his so I will link to that as well.


Might be good to check this out as well.

We Are Not of this World

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