GOD is very kind

GOD is Kind
IMage taken from Nap time Chat

Have you ever noticed how loving and kind GOD is toward us. I know many of us including my self have trouble doing what he tells us. A lot of times we think we know a better way. How ever later when we do it our way we realize doing it his way would have been better, much better in some cases. Listening to GOD is a good thing because he does care about us and does love us. I know at times it can be hard to tell if he is telling us to do something or not. I guess the best way to know is to realize GOD is love and he will not go against his word. He does not change, he is the same yesterday today and tomorrow. GOD is well worth loving.

2 thoughts on “GOD is very kind

  • That has been a good observation, Fred. You said, “GOD is love and he will not go against his word.” ⭐⭐⭐

    How often tries the devil to spread confusion in our minds by altering Scripture a wee little bit? “Times have changed… Today we must adjust the Word of God to our modern times and needs.” A dangerous thing to do, indeed. God is not mocked. He is patient and steadfast in His love. He warns us several times before He begins to chasten us with a stronger hand. If we resist Him continuously, He will finally let us go and fall into ditch so that we learn through the pain that befalls us then. Still, that is His love. But what is worse is to not be chastened at all. If God lets a Christian live, behave and sin without interfering, that is a reason to pray for them.

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