The name of the Messiah

This is a post about what do we  call the one who saved us or what do we call the Messiah, the Son of GOD. This subject was mentioned a little bit in one of the videos I made. I didn’t go into much details and I feel I need to also clear some stuff up on that.

The messiah’s name is a much talked about subject and I have talked to several about what to call our savior and many have talked to me about his name. I have seen many videos, blogs, sites facebook posts and more about this. Some people prefer to call him Jesus and some will only call him Jesus. Some people refuse to call him Jesus and only call him Yeshua ( some times spelled differently, there is a list on the about page of a few).  Some even use both names such as my self. Both sides of this debate have a lot of good points. So to figure this one out I did have to go to GOD.

Now a lot of times how GOD talks to me is he brings up scripture that I have heard or read and in this case the scripture that was brought up is the one about a house divided against itself can not stand (Mark 3:25 and Matthew 12:22). Now to understand how this fits into which name to use you will also need to know something else that I came across and some of my friends had even mentioned and that is that you can in fact stop an alien abduction just by calling out to the name of Jesus. Now you also need to know that aliens are actually demons and you can find all kinds of info about this all over the web. Now with the light of that info you can see that aliens consider Jesus to be the name of the Messiah and will run off. It should be mentioned in more detail as to why that verse was mentioned. You will need to understand what some say about the name Jesus. What people say is something I am much concerned about repeating specially in light of the verse mentioned above. I will only say it for informational purposes so you understand more about this.  You know what I might just link to a yahoo group post that I came across that has some of this so I don’t have to type it. Yahoo Group about the name of Jesus .

Any way in light of this information I use both names as I know Yeshua has meaning in fact I think it means Yah is Salvation or Yah is savior depending on where you look.

Also note that no matter which name you use it is important to have a relationship with the Son of GOD. It should also noted we get to have a relationship with the Son of GOD which is a great thing indeed.

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