2 Very interesting recent dreams

I have forgotten most of the details so I am going to try and remember as much as I can so parts may be left out and for that, I apologize.


First dream:

I was running around town visiting friends and family and having a good time. Then something happened and I lost my way. I ended up living on the streets for a while in the dream however I do not know how long. After some time I came to my self and went back to a friend I had not visited with for some time. This friend took me into his house and fed me and clothed me. I even discovered that a lot more time had passed then I had originally realized.

My interpretation of the first dream is this. I feel it is like the prodigal son and somehow I had gotten away from GOD and so the dream was me going back to GOD after being away from him for a while.  Which oddly enough did happen recently so I may as well share that with you.

Not long after my last blog post, I felt very discouraged and helpless, which I may have mentioned in one of my earlier blog posts. Anyway, that helplessness grew and became hard to handle. I was trying to seek a way to handle this and I had not gone to GOD as I should have. Instead, I turned back to something that I used in the past to reduce stress or helplessness and that was porn. Yes, I feel very ashamed about it, embarrassed well.  Anyway, after talking to a friend and GOD giving him the right words to say I turned back to GOD and was delivered from that and realized I needed to turn to him for my helpless feeling as well, which I ended up doing.

The second dream was last night:

I do not remember how it started but the dream took place on a mountain. Many people including my self were climbing up a mountain and it was getting pretty difficult to climb from what I remember and people even fell off. I think even I fell off. That part is a blur. Anyway, I was back at the bottom and instead of climbing under my own strength I got help and that was from GOD. However, I still saw many people struggling to get up this mountain and I offered to help and I think I did but the dream is fading so can not remember much more.


This dream I think has to do with our struggle over sin and that we can not do it on our own we need GOD’s help.


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  • yes i do believe your interpretation of the first dream is accurate, In todays troubling times, i think many of us are looking to escape, hence visiting all those friends, past things which give us comfort, and they give us a distraction from our problems

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