Manipulation all around us.

In a way, this is a continuation of what I have been talking about. Been learning a lot lately. Yes, I have also learned I have been wrong about a few things so thanks for the correction on those. Anyway, the order out of chaos agenda that I have been referring to a lot is a form of manipulation. Basically whoever is behind this agenda is manipulating people into creating the order or world they want. They are not just creating chaos they are at the same time creating peace. Which does make it confusing?  Also makes it hard to avoid being part of one side or the other. I will admit I started realizing this back when the weather channel was caught lying or exaggerating the weather. I do realize that a lot of funny videos and posts came out of that.

However back on Feb 25th, 2019 was when more of this came to my understanding. As I already mentioned. Odd how it started a fight and yet I was being accused of stuff that was not even something I did, in fact, looking back on the argument they were wanting me to act exactly how I was acting. Which is interesting in itself.   Not to try and have pride here. I think there was a lot of misunderstanding within that argument/fight because I was using words in a different way then they were and them without realizing they was doing the same.

So in a way, we were in agreement but not in every way. We still disagree on a few things.  Like for instance, I do believe that the Coexist thing is a bad idea and part of this overall agenda that I have been talking about. It is a false peace and a false hope and I do not think it is love at all.  However, most people do think Coexist is love. However, it is not the way the Bible describes love.  The Bible discrbles love as self-sacrificing and putting others before your self. Which I realize is not easy, trust me I struggle with this one.

1 John 3:16″

16 Hereby perceive we the love of God, because he laid down his life for us: and we ought to lay down our lives for the brethren.


Now I know that is not always easy to do and yes we should take care of our selves as we can not help anyone if we are not taking care of our selves.

I think I need to certify a few things on what I am trying to say here. The world has one view of love while true love is sometimes the opposite. This is what I keep seeing over and over and over. In fact, in that argument, I assumed they were pushing the false love on me. Maybe they were maybe they were not. Either way, it was probably not intentional. It is hard to get over the worldly type of love which is being pushed everywhere. Tolerance is one of the ways the world shows love. That is being pushed and that is not loved.  At least not the tolerance I keep seeing. Let me explain here a bit as I do not think I come across clear sometimes as I use different words than others to describe what I am getting at as has been revealed in this whole thing.

The tolerance that I keep seeing pushed is a teaching put forth by a famous satanist.  A famous quote by him is “Do as thou wilt. “. This is not how we should live at all. We should live for GOD and others not do as you wish which can cause great harm to others and your self.  Anyway, I do not think I am saying what I want to say yet. This Tolerance agenda is like allowing a child to play with fire and not care if they get hurt in the process as long as he or she is having fun. This is not a good thing at all. This is however what the tolerance movement is doing. Would you really want someone you love to play with something that can hurt them? I am aware they may get mad if you take away what they are finding to be fun and to them, they may not see that they could get hurt in doing what they are doing. It may not be easy to show them they will get hurt in doing what they are doing. I have tried to show people that sin like homosexuality and transgender to in fact cause harm using testimonies that I found that show this. However, not all homosexuals or transgenders have been hurt in what they are doing and even some who GOD delivered have not seen the hurting side of it as I have mentioned this to people who have been delivered. Which I did find odd when talking to a friend that was delivered from homosexuality. Also, I did notice something else when sharing these testimonies. Some considered it hate speech. I do not personally see that. I also think the phrase hate speech is used way too much and should not be used at all because I also feel it is being used to eventually remove free speech.

Anyway, because of all of this, I do feel helpless to help those who are playing with fire and have not yet been hurt. I feel the only thing I can do is pray for them. Continuing to warn them I feel will only result in more pushing away.  Jesus never pushed his views on people he told them once and if they walked away he didn’t go after them so I guess going after them after I shared once is not doing what GOD would want. All I can do after warning them once is pray.


One person told me this “Share the gospel with everyone and some times use words”.

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