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I tried to mention this earlier on Facebook in a comment conversation but that conversation went south in a hurry. I would rather not get into that at the moment. I want to get into this idea of order out of chaos. I think this is important though. I do not think I have talked about this much and I get distracted after I think about it or want to talk about it. Anyway, the idea is to create chaos and the result of the chaos being order. Like, create a problem and a solution to that problem. It appears this has been going on for some time. it is not actually a good thing and it not what GOD intended either. I do not know who is creating the problems and who is creating the solutions but from my understanding of this, it would be the same group that would be doing both. Some others who have mentioned this type of concept have said the Illuminati are to blame, some say the Vatican, some say freemasons, some say just a shadow government that controls the whole world. Like, I said I am not sure and those are just a few of the groups that people have mentioned.

Anyway, one of the order out of chaos things that are going on and has been going on is getting people to fight over religion, race, gender, political view and other things such as those. I see this everywhere even in the post I tried to mention it in. Which is where I wanted the conversation to go but that didn’t happen. Ok, I still should stay away from what happened however what happened kind of proves my point. it really is Order out of Chaos. Because I did get into an argument over how to show love. Which got really heated and both sides felt like the other was not listening. This is one-way order out of chaos works. Now to get into the other half of order out of chaos. The solution side. This was mentioned in that heated argument. So I feel reluctant to mention it but I do want to mention the other half. Anyway, after a problem is created such as the fighting over different things the group who created people fighting also creates peace but a peace that serves their agenda whatever that may be. From what I understand of how these works are the solution will be the one world government and the one world religion. Although technically speaking we already have a one world government if this is true but maybe not maybe they do not have control over the whole world yet.  They are working in the shadows to create this new world order using order out of chaos.

Now my question is how do you avoid being one of the ones who is propagating the fighting or arguing.  Seems difficult and the solution of having peace with all religions is against what the Bible teaches and what GOD has said. Yes, we should seek peace as well as love others but it is also written that light should have no fellowship with darkness. I guess as my friends would say, which GOD probably told them to say. it is based to not push your beliefs on others and just to pray for them and continue to show them, love. it is not easy but some times we just have to hand them over to GOD and let him deal with them. Instead of trying to do it our selves as I have tried to do and just made things a worse mess.

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  • Fred, I ran into this teaching about ten years ago as well. I recall I was on the phone with a former cult member. I told this believer that I was still insecure at times about what had happened back then as we (both) would be in the cult. I was confused about what was right and what was wrong as to certain teachings and doctrine. But what did this person tell me regarding this? 🙄

    “Susanne, it is good to be confused!”

    That got me even more befuddled as I already knew that “God is not a God of confusion but of peace.” (1 Cor 14:33 ESV) It is true that God created order out of chaos but we are NOT God. May we never forget that we are only His beloved, but dependent creatures. Without Him we can do NOTHING! (John 15:5)

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