Disobediance = hardship

I finally found the part in Pilgrims Progress Part 2 that I had mentioned on my last post so thought I would go ahead and share it. This is from the open source / public domain version.

Then James said to his mother, Lo, yonder stands a pillar, and it looks as if something was written thereon; let us go and see what it is. So they went, and found there written, “Let Christian’s slips, before he came hither, and the battles that he met with in this place, be a warning to those that come after.” Lo, said their guide, did not I tell you, that there was something hereabouts, that would give intimation of the reason why Christian was so hard beset in this place? Then, turning himself to Christiana, he said, No disparagement to Christian, more than to many others, whose hap and lot his was; for it is easier going up, than down this hill, and that can he said but of few hills in all these parts of the world. But we will leave the good man, he is at rest, he also had a brave victory over his enemy; let Him grant that dwelleth above, that we fare no worse, when we come to be tried, than he. But we will come again to this Valley of Humiliation. It is the best and most useful brave piece of ground in all those parts. It is fat ground, and, as you see, consisteth much in meadows; and if a man were to come here in the summer-time, as we do now, if he knew not anything before, thereof, and if he also delighted himself in the sight of his eyes, he might see that that would be delightful to him. Behold how green this Valley is, also how beautified with lilies 173 (Song. 2:1). I have also known many labouring men that have got good estates in this Valley of Humiliation (“for God resisteth the proud, but gives grace unto the humble,” (James 4:6; 1 Peter 5:5), for indeed it is a very fruitful soil, and doth bring forth by handfuls. 174 Some also have wished, that the next way to their Father’s house were here, that they might be troubled no more with either hills or mountains to go over; but the way is the way, and there is an end. 175 Now, as they were going along and talking, they espied a boy feeding his father’s sheep. The boy was in very mean clothes, but of a very fresh and well-favoured countenance; and as he sat by himself, he sang. Hark, said Mr. Great-heart, to what the shepherd’s boy saith. So they hearkened, and he said— He that is down needs fear no fall; He that is low, no pride; He that is humble, ever shall Have God to be his guide. (Phil. 4:12, 13) I am content with what I have, Little be it, or much; And, Lord, contentment still I crave, Because Thou savest such. Fullness to such a burden is, That go on pilgrimage; Here little, and hereafter bliss, Is best from age to age. 176 (Heb. 13:5)


The version that I am listening to explains on what is written on that pillar. Unless I have found the wrong part, if I have I will continue to look.

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