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There is much I do not know and am still learning. I can not forget what GOD showed me back in 2015 on how he viewed some things. In love, he showed me how disgusted he was with things like porn, transgender, homosexuality, and many others. Because of how he did that in love I can not separate his love from his wrath nor can I separate his love from his justice or his mercy. They are all one in the same. Yes, he hates evil and sin because all sin hurts someone. Some only hurt him such as transgender although that can hurt the person in that lifestyle as well. However, I must say that not all hurt is a sin. Someone can be hurt by being told the truth or being rebuked. This is, in fact, love not sin. Tolerance of sin is not loving as some think, it is actually hate to tolerate sin, telling someone they are doing wrong is hard and needs to be done in the manner that GOD wants it done. I also know we can not overcome sin on our own that does not mean however that we should keep on sinning. The only way to overcome sin is to allow GOD to work in you and allow his grace to help you overcome sin. We need his constant help in order to do this. We are typically inclined to not want to submit to him or do our own thing but that just hurts us. Basically, we are hurting our selves by fighting the will of GOD. We may also be hurting other people. Love is the key to everything and we get to submit to GOD in loving him not in torment fear of him, ” If you love me you will keep my commandment”. Yes, he will punish sin because of his love as I have said before.

Concerning Trump I know before the Election I was shown by GOD that Trump was going to be president but me being a fool listened to a pastor about who he wanted in office and went against GOD’s will in the matter. I have repented of listening to this pastor. I pray for that pastor, however. I know I know I should call no man pastor but I lack a better word.

I posted that on facebook as a reply to something a friend said she replied and said

Awesome truth spoken. Puts a smile on my face to see someone got it right!

I was just posting what GOD taught me so I thought I would also share it here.

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