Order out of Chaos Agenda part 2

I have talked to a few people after my last post. Some people use the phrase to mean something else. Like an example that was given to me is coming into a home that is filled with chaos and calming that chaos down. Nothing wrong with doing that. That is actually a good thing. You didn’t create the chaos in order to bring the order that you wanted. Basically, in the way that I mean, it is you already have the order or solution that you want so in order to create that order you create some chaos. That Chaos then eventually results in the order that you wanted to bring about. This is how the new world order is being created today. I actually just watched a Christian video a little bit ago and he understands this concept. His video mentioned the way they are going to take away free speech and it was basically using this idea. I am aware that GOD can and does use everything for good. as it says so in his word. Ok yes, that applies to those who love him. He still brings out his will for those who do not love him as some times even his wrath is played out through the evil deeds of others. You see this type of thing in the old testament.


Oh, this concept is also some times shown as a phoenix rising out of ashes. So if you understand what that means then you understand what I am talking about.

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