The Tender Heart – book review

This is a book written by Richard Sibbes. I don’t know exactly when it was written however I do know the person who wrote it had a ministry of sorts from the late 1500s and early 1600s. Anyway I really enjoyed this book I felt it was one GOD wanted me to read. It is a short book about heard and soft hearts. I like how it goes into a lot of the things GOD has been showing me about the subject anyway so I greatly enjoyed it. I did try and find this book free, however, I was unable to find the book as a free pdf or any other format, however. With how old it is you would think it would be in public domain.  If I do find it or if someone else can find it I think it would be nice to share. You can buy it from a site called banner of truth if you would like. That is where I got my copy that had it on sale for a good price. Well, a good price in my opinion.  Anyway, I still enjoyed it and do recommend it.

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