Just thinking

Some of this is in the history section, Anyway back in June of 2017, I was seeking GOD and his plan for my life. What came out of that is that there were 3 things I was to share with my friends and family and others. 1. The love of GOD in the bible. 2. showing respect to and for GOD. 3. That we can not save our selves and we are only saved through Jesus Christ.

It took me a while but I made 3 videos on youtube about all 3 and shared them. I then was thinking maybe I need to expand on them or maybe correct some misunderstandings in them.  Also because of some confusion about many many conflicting teachings that are out there, I opened this site up. The main focus is the truth which would be Jesus as he is the Truth the life and the way. I also wanted to point people to Jesus and GOD so they could have a better relationship with him. Then as you know the focus changed as I wrote about only a few days ago. I felt very confused and did a lot of praying so that I knew what GOD wanted me to do and what GOD wanted me to share on here. Now the 3 things mentioned back in June came up once again especially number 1 and mainly number 1. So there we go, I know what to do. Focus on the love of GOD. This will help people point to GOD and Jesus and will help them have a better relationship with him.  I don’t have to try and focus on all those conflicting teachings not here anyway. Those will be cleared up as I continue to seek truth and stay away from odd teachings.  If it is GOD’s will or desire I may share them on here.

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