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Point to Ponder: Jan 31 by Ed Marton

February 20, 2018 • Fred

Ed Marton
January 31 at 6:04pm ยท

God’s call on your life and His commands concerning how you treat others didn’t come with an “in case they…” clause! In fact according to Jesus’ example, it came with a “inspite of” clause. Need a couple “for instances”? Ok first off He washed Judas Iscariot’s feet and second, NONE of the other disciples knew it was Judas that would betray Jesus. As an ambassador, you’re not entitled to an opinion, unless it mirrors the One you represent. And as a forgiven sinner, you have no right in being offended (upset). That is of course, unless their offence, exceeds the ones you nailed Christ to the cross with.

~ point to ponder ~

God bless

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